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Audionic AD-7200 Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Channel Hi-Fi Speakers, Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty
Product Overview: 
Audionic AD-7200 is above so many ordinary speakers to meet consumer needs and wants. The Battery Functioned Speakers has capability to operate with dual powered AC/DC Support, User can connect to any Bluetooth enable device, USB and SD/MMC card provision also help user to play music audio files directly and continuously, its transparent digital display feature especially designed for clear visual display, wireless remote control function allow user to control voice output and its standard black measured outlook with red finishing is specifically designed for every indoor use.
AC/DC Power Supported
It is Battery Operated Speaker that has ability to operate with dual powered AC/DC Support.
User can connect to any Bluetooth enable device and play music tracks easily.
USB and SD/MMC Card
Play MP3 files directly and continuously with flash drive and SD/MMC Card.
Remote Control Feature
Remote Control function allow user to control audio output.
Output Power
• Sub-Woofer: 25W (RMS)
• Satellite: 18W (RMS) x 2
Drive Unit
Sub-Woofer: 5.25 inches Satellite: 3”x 2
Frequency Response
Sub-Woofer: 40Hz-150Hz Satellite: 150Hz-20 KHz

• Portable
• Remote
• USB port
• Bluetooth range: 10 Meters
• LED display
• Micro sd card
• AUX input
• FM radio
• Power: 25W + 18W x 2
• Frequency: 40Hz - 150Hz
• Volume
• Drive unit: Subwoofer 5.25' and Satellite 3' x 2
• Bluetooth
• Battery capacity: Any 12v Battery
• Battery: DC Feature
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