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UniQue HDMI 19PIN- HDMI 19PIN Cable 20M-High definition cable to ensure high uncompressed definition for electronic display devices such as plasma TV, LCD & Projectors etc., , No Warranty
Product Overview:
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a 19-pin digital compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed video and multi-channel audio through a single cable.
HDMI is the preferred connection for high-definition(HD devices).
HDMI represents a digital alternative to consumer analog standards, such as radio frequency (RF) coaxial cable, composite video, S-Video, SCART, component video, D-Terminal, or VGA.
HDMI connects digital audio/video sources—such as set-top boxes, up convert DVD players, HD DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players, AVCHD camcorders, personal computers (PCs), video game consoles such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and AV receivers—to compatible digital audio devices, computer monitors, and digital televisions.
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