Stk# LGW5W37/5-01

Luceco GU10 5W (LGW5W37/5-01) - Warm White LED, 5 Pack, 370 Lumens, True halogen appearance and perfect fit , 90% energy saving versus halogen , 10 times lifetime versus halogen, Will retrofit any current GU10 Halogen lamp, Retail Box , 3 year warranty
Product Overview:
The Luceco GU10 (LGW5W37/5-01) energy efficient light bulb is a non-dimmable version that produces instant light over a 38 degree angle in a warm white colour, is Mercury free and has an expected on/off life cycle of 15,000 hours. Built from high quality components the product represents almost 90% savings in energy cost compared to a traditional bulb. The measurements of the bulb are 55mm high from the bulb face to the tip of the connection and 50mm across on the bulb face. It operates at a 100-250V at 50/60 Hz.  
LEDs convert up to 80% of energy into light. This both reduces electricity costs and dramatically reduces carbon emissions, proving a beneficial choice for both and Domestic LED lighting installations. LEDs do not contain a filament that can be damaged by shock and vibration - making LED one of the most stable light sources available. Additional benefits exist for areas that use air conditioning, as the power consumed is reduced due to the lower heat emitted from LED lighting. This also extends the life of the air conditioning unit because it is not worked so hard. The life of LED is between 4 and 40 times greater than traditional products. What's more, they produce consistent light output over their entire life.
• True halogen appearance and perfect fit
• 90% energy saving versus halogen
• 10 times lifetime versus halogen
• Using the latest LED technology
• Will retrofit any current GU10 Halogen lamp
• Pack of 5
• 3 year warranty
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