Stk# LFL20W50B05-01

Luceco LED Floodlight - 20W - Black Body 0.5M - 1400 Lumens - 30000hrs, maintenance free, Pre-wired with 0.5m of rubber cable, Plug not provided, Halogen equivalent: 200 Watt, Instant 100% output, Retail Box, 1 year warranty
High powered security lighting can add a lot to your monthly electricity bill. You now have an option to change from Halogen and other types of security lighting to LED Lighting. LED Flood lights can save you more than 50% in your security lighting costs. In addition LED Flood Lights last up to 20 times longer saving you the annoyance of having to change bulbs and fittings on a regular basis. The 20W LED Floodlight outputs 1400+ lumens making it the perfect replacement for comparable Halogen or Metal Halide Floodlights. The high efficiency of LED lighting makes them 50% to 80% more efficient than conventional flood lighting equivalents.

Features :

• Wattage: 20 Watt
• Lumens: 1400lm
• Beam Angle: 120°
• CRI*: >80
• Maintenance Free
• Efficacy 70ml/w
• Halogen equivalent: 200 Watt
• Instant 100% output, suitable for PIR** switching
• Pre-wired with 0.5m of rubber cable
• Burns for 30 000 hours
• Plug not provided
The higher the CRI, the better the visual perception of colors. CRI is related to color temperature, in that the CRI measures for a pair of light sources can only be compared if they have the same color temperature.
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