Stk# LA22N5W37/2-LE

Luceco A60 B22 5W - Natural White - 2 Pack LED - LA22N5W37/2-LE - 370Lumens - 25000hrs, Mercury free, Aluminium die-casting / thermoplastic construction with chip-on-board technology, Retail Box, 1 year warranty
Energy saving LED lamps provide the same look as a conventional lamp, but with massive electricity bill savings. Replace one or replace all, LED lamps can be fitted alongside existing lamps. True halogen appearance and perfect fit, 85% energy saving versus halogen, 10 times lifetime versus halogen, Using the latest LED technology.
•Aluminium die-casting / thermoplastic construction with chip-on-board technology
•Wattage: 5 watt
•Using the latest LED technology
•85% Energy saving versus CFL’s
•25 Year Life*
•Mercury Free
•Dimensions: 60mm (Width) x 108mm (Height)
•Lumens: 370
•CRI: >80*

* The higher the CRI, the better the visual perception of colors. CRI is related to color temperature, in that the CRI measures for a pair of light sources can only be compared if they have the same color temperature.
* Average use 3 hours a day. Low energy consumption.

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