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Promate pocketmateLT Pocket-size Back-up battery with in-built Lightning and Micro-USB charging ( Portable power bank with three concealed interfaces:Apple charger, a micro-USB charger and a USB dock to power the device ) Connector for Ipod and Iphone,Power capacity: 2600mAh,Rated input: 5V/1A,Charging time: 3-4hours, colour: White Retail Box 1 Year Warranty

Pocket-size Back-up battery with in-built
 Lightning and Micro-USB charging Connectors

Product Overview
 The Promate PocketMate LT is a clever little gadget. Simple, elegantly designed and offering unbeatable performance, this gadget is the perfect solution to all your charging needs. The pocketMate LT is small, compact and easily portable – easily slipping unobtrusively into a pocket or a bag – and comes with three hidden interfaces: an Apple charger, a micro-USB charger and a USB dock to power the device itself. Gone are the days when you need to carry clumsy bulky chargers around with you for extra power, the pocketMate LT allows you to charge your devices on-the-go and with the minimum of fuss.
 • Portable power bank with three concealed interfaces: Apple Lightning dock, micro-USB dock and USB device charging port
 • Supplies power to almost all smartphones
 • Stylish, sturdy, compact and easily portable
 • In-built cable for Lightning and micro-USB
 • Folded cable and iPhone connector means bringing extra cables are unnecessary
 • Made from ABS plastic

 • Battery type: Lithium-polymer
 • Power capacity: 2600mAh
 • Rated input: 5V/1A
 • Rated output: 5V/1A
 • Charging time: 3-4hours
 • iPhone 5-16GB, 32GB and 64GB
 • iPod Touch 5th Generation-32GB and 64GB
 • iPod Nano 7th Generation-16GB
 • Samsung Galaxy Mobiles, Blackberry, Geeko Tablet Series All Micro-USB devises.
Packing Contents
 • pocketMate LT
 • 1 pc USB extender cable
 • User Guide
 • Warranty Card
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Price: R 420.00 

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